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GERÊSGRANFONDO CYCLING ROAD realiza-se dia 16 de junho 2013

New granfondo in northern Portugal among new events added to GF+ events directory
Portuguese pro Rui Costa, leads a group on a training ride through the rugged mountains near Geres, Portugal, in the heart of the Peneda-Geres National Park. (Photos: Geres Granfondo)
By GranFondoPLUS staff
A spectacular new event in northern Portugal scheduled for June 16, 2013 was among the 22 events added to the GranFondoPLUS events directory this week.
Four of the events have recently announced their 2013 dates. The others are part ofGranFondoPLUS's ongoing growth of its event directory, which now stands at 270.
The new 2013 dates:
  • The Isle of Man CC, UK, April 20
  • The Siant Francis Tulsa GranFondo, U.S.A, June 9
  • Geres GranFondo Cycling Road, Portugal, June 16
  • MSU GranFondo , U.S.A, June 29
The Geres Granfondo Cycling Road in Portugal will start and finish at Vila do Geres, a village in the heart of the Penada-Geres National, Portugal's only national park which was created in 1971.
The event will feature two distances, a 145-km granfondo and a 95-km mediofondo around and through the rugged Geres mountains on narrow, quiet roads, including sections of pave.
The nearest major airport to Vila do Geres is at Oporto, about one hour's drive.
Rui Costa, professional with Movistar and winner of the 2012 Tour of Switzerland, climbs with riders from the CDC Navais local amateur team. The CDC Navais team is based in the neighoring village of Agucadoura, Costa's home town, and is managed by Manuel Zeferino, organizer of the Geres Granfondo.
Vila do Geres is situated in a valley in the midst of the Geres Mountains.
Above, The Isle of Man CC is held on the island's world famous TT motorcycle circuit. (Photo: Isle of Mann CC)
Above, the Saint Francis Tulsa GranFondo is part of a three-day cycling festival showcasing Tulsa, Okalahoma. (Photo: Tulsa Tough)
Above, the MSU (Michigan State University) Gran Fondo will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Photo: MSU Gran Fondo)
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